All I wanted was to be left alone. It wasnít that much to ask. I didnít want sympathy or help or your free cheese. Just to be left alone. If you had let me be, none of it would have happened. Donít blame the sleeping dog if you go and poke it with a stick. Dogs are dogs. They donít appreciate being poked. If you get your ass bit off, good for the dog.






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Here's what some people thought about my story. Like I care. Read it and decide for yourself. Now.


Liberty review

Stephen Cox stays off the list. Lucky him. He selected my true story as a Liberty summer book pick. It's at the bottom of the page.


Philadelphia Inquirer writes about my site

Katie Haegele writes in the Philadelphia Inquirer that she loves my site. She should. So should everyone. Unless they want to end up on my list. Like Scott Stein is. That punk keeps telling people I'm satirical. I'll show him satirical.


Philadelphia City Paper reviews Mean Martin Manning:

Edward Pettit wrote about my story in the Philadelphia City Paper. He said, "Manning narrates his story as a first-rate smart-ass, taking aim at a society that shoves health and happiness down its citizens' throats as if the true meaning of life could be found in uncooked vegetables and self-help programs, when we all know what we really need is salami and pro wrestling.... Guard your salami and mayonnaise. Mean Martin Manning for President!" Pettit stays off the list for now. But, of course, there's no way in hell I'm running for President, no matter what these kids say.


Per Contra reviews Mean Martin Manning:

Editor Bill Turner wrote about my story here. I don't know why he keeps mentioning this Scott Stein character, but Turner doesn't seem to like Pitney, so he stays off the list. Good for him. It isn't a list you want to be on.









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